MRCS-B Full Spring Course



πŸ›‘ course content
βœ… 4 months Online Clinical knowledge Course
βœ… 4 months Offline Skills Course
βœ… Hands-on All Skills Course

πŸ›‘ Starts 1 April 2023
πŸ›‘ 18 pre-recorded Clinical Knowledge lectures
πŸ›‘ 18 Online Clinical knowledge Mocks
πŸ›‘ 16 pre-recorded Clinical Skills lectures
πŸ›‘ Hands-on All Skills Course in either
July. 2023 CAIRO
or August 2023 Malaysia
or October 2023 OMAN
πŸ›‘ Arabic Version and English Version
πŸ›‘ knowledge Book (7th Edition) non-printable Electronic Copy
Hard Copy could be requested and has an extra fee (20 Β£)
πŸ›‘ Skills Book (7th Edition) non-printable Electronic Copy.
Hard Copy will be provided during the Hands-on Course

πŸ›‘ Course fees: 300 Β£
πŸ›‘ Early registration fee (250 Β£): Ends 15 March 2023
πŸ›‘ Closing date 31 March 2023
πŸ›‘ Special discount for Candidates living in the following countries:
πŸ›‘ Availability of extending the Clinical knowledge course for further 4 months (fees is 60 Β£)
πŸ›‘ Availability of attending New 4 days Hands-on course (fees is 100 Β£)
πŸ”°Course Lecturer and Moderator: Dr. Medhat Sdeek (MD-PhD-MRCS)


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